Patience for Healing after a Cardiac Arrest

Patience for Healing after a Cardiac Arrest

Alejandro is 50 years old. In April 2017 he had a sudden cardiac arrest while driving his car which led to a crash. He was resuscitated and transported to a hospital where he was diagnosed with heart muscle weakness causing congestive heart failure with a heart pump function of 12 percent (60 percent is normal).

Alejandro had recurring dangerous ventricular fibrillations, a type of heart rhythm abnormality that can cause sudden death. A defibrillator was implanted and he was started on multiple heart medications.

After two years of medications his heart pump function increased to 27 percent. Even with all the medications, Alejandro was not feeling better. He had dedicated his life to understanding the capacity of the mind to affect matter and so he applied all of the tools he had learned at Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment for his healing.

In January 2019 Alejandro joined the Mercy Blu Room Program. His doctors previously told him that stress was a major contributor to his condition, and he understood that he needed to improve his ability to detach from strong emotions. He stated, “I have been like a kite of emotions flying intensely in stormy winds. The Blu Room and RSE’s disciplines of the mind helped me to become free of those stressors.“

The Blu Room sessions uplifted him, brought him intense lucid dreams, a clarity of ideas, and a newfound creativity that beneficially affected his work and teaching abilities. Alejandro described it as the lifting of a fog that had been blocking his creativity. Symptoms of blurry vision that had been occurring for a couple years resolved completely after a Blu Room session in October.

Blu Room sessions were like a nutrient to Alejandro. Deep changes were occurring in subtle ways. He felt a pathway of healing grow like the effects of a homeopathic remedy and he needed to develop the patience to allow its gentle nuances to unfold within him.

While on this journey with the Blu Room, Alejandro‘s symptoms of congestive heart failure disappeared. Previous experiences of shortness of breath with exertion and recurrent lightheadedness completely resolved, even though his heart pump function or medications has not changed.

In small steps, little by little, Alejandro now has the patience and the trust to allow the healing journey to happen.

Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD ~ Supervising physician, Mercy Blu Room program

Yvonne & Samuele

Yvonne & Samuele

🌹 Yvonne:
I decided to try the experience of the Blu Room after observing the physical change of a friend who, after a few sessions, looked so peaceful, rejuvenated, with a greater self-confidence and such an improving eyesight which allowed her to drive again.

I started last August with one Blu Room per week and I noticed an improvement in my psyche, I’m calmer, more positive, more confident in myself, more open to others, while before I was closed and not inclined to conversation. My body has more stability, I can move my legs better – 2 flights of stairs made without effort and with normal breathing, some yoga positions that seemed difficult, now I do them with great ease. I can even move my fingers better, rigid and aching due to arthrosis, my neck is more relaxed, I walk fast without fear of falling. Mental concentration has also improved, I am less distracted and more present, I put down things, then I remember where I put them. Even my calligraphy is more stable and fluid. Furthermore I don’t feel any stomach pain caused by gastritis. I am feeling better and I am pleased with the results.

🌻 Samuele:
In recent months I had moments of depression, mental and physical fatigue. I felt the body weighed down, I struggled to go up the stairs, I had a stiff neck especially when I was driving. I knew I looked serious and thoughtful.

I did my first Blu Room last August, without knowing its value and without anyone convincing me to do it, only moved by curiosity and the desire to experience new things.

After the first session I came out calm and relaxed, with a brighter face. Now, although the weekly trip is a bit stressful, I’m taking it easy, I think about the benefit I get, I feel more energy. I have more breath when I go up the stairs and I can move my neck and my legs better than before. Recently, while I was on the mountain I was able to make a long uphill road without using a stick to lean on. I am satisfied with the results and I hope to improve even more in the future.

🙂The Blu Room helps to release all stress factors and recharge vital energy, with a benefit for the whole organism.

Conquering the self – Consuelo’s story

Conquering the self – Consuelo’s story

Following a biopsy in October 2018, I was told I had an advanced case of breast cancer. I did some research of my own and found many things that could be useful for my healing. I met with an oncologist open minded to many different complementary and alternative therapies, as well as my nutritional choices and physical and spiritual activities; all of which helped me to accept, in a positive manner, this stage of my life with optimism and confidence.

One of the greatest gift I received in my lifetime was the 24 Blu Room sessions at Univers Bleu Drummondville. They elevated my body’s vibratory rate and contributed to the healing process. Every time I would go for a session before chemotherapy, the results of the different tests were always very surprising. I kept on doing Blu Room sessions which contributed by increasing my self-confidence and peace of mind. It was in that peaceful state that I continued with radiotherapy procedures, antibody treatments, etc. My oncologist noticed that the secondary effects of those treatments were very mild compared to those of patients using solely the regular procedure.

Some of the grand and powerful things I have acquired during my Blu Room sessions were that I was able to eliminate the fear of receiving negative results and to understand the cellular regeneration and energetic process of my entire being. I also understood that this adventure came about in order for me to conquer my limitations, I had to love myself and take the time to do so.

Finally, my heart is filled with gratitude for Univers Bleu Drummondville for allowing me to live this wonderful adventure which resulted in my body’s full recovery.

Consuelo De La Bastida

January 22, 2020


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Healing Journey after Colon Cancer

Healing Journey after Colon Cancer

Priscilla is 74 years old. She enjoyed excellent health for all her life until she was diagnosed with severe anemia in 2018. A colonoscopy showed colon cancer. Priscilla underwent surgery and had the cancer removed – it was Stage 3. This was a huge life-altering shock for her. She started going to the Blu Room 2-3 times a week as soon as she knew of the diagnosis and then joined the Mercy Blu Room program in February 2019.

Priscilla recovered well after her surgery. She had some tests done in July 2019 indicating atherosclerosis. Priscilla was very proactive in learning about the different causes of illness and addressing them. She underwent intravenous chelation and nutritional therapy, daily nutritional optimization with altering her diet, lifestyle and using supplements, while she continued to focus on healing. She learned about the dental connection to illness and is now having her root canals removed.

Keeping her anxiety and stress level down has been one of the greatest challenges for Priscilla. The Blu Room has helped her tremendously with that. She reports that going to the Blu Room as well as engaging all these different modalities to heal herself has given her a solid sense of self. It is a feeling of reliance and trust in herself that she has the capacity to meet challenges full on and overcome anything.

In mid-2019 while in the Blu Room Priscilla had a physical experience of profound gratitude. She described it as an overwhelming feeling of realizing the blessing of her life and all the purposeful help she received on her journey. The role of RSE events and disciplines and the support of family and friends have been hugely instrumental in her journey.

Priscilla said, “In this past year, one healing experience has led to another and then led to yet another. I was exactly in the right place at the right time during the whole of 2019. This continues to this day. I have felt and continue to feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for my life.â€

Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD
Supervising physician, Mercy Blu Room program



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Finding your Light in Winter

Finding your Light in Winter

   What is true for you in this moment? Do you feel isolated, lethargic or unmotivated? Do you believe it is your job to stay upbeat, passionate, driven while maintaining a smile on your face at all times? If so, I bet there is a part of you screaming “I’m exhausted!†You would be right. It is difficult to paddle against the stream and when you put on face to look a certain way when the truth is different, you are not aligning with the truth of your current energetic flow. 

    What if…the seasons are to remind us that we have internal weather patterns as well, currents of energy to support us? Some of my favorite gifts of Winter are the shorter days that coax me to spend more time homebound. Chilly temperatures and snow days that hold me hostage offer me time to reflect, journal and meditate. If I cross paths with a cough, a cold, or achy bones; I remember the wisdom they offer. I mindfully choose warm teas, healing elixirs and broths made with love as I choose to slow my role bringing everything in my life down a notch or two. 😉

   Winter is a beautiful time to tend to the great fire within. We are the ultimate alchemists. This is our time to burn away and detach from what we once were and to transform into a more true version of ourselves. Who are you? Who do you want to be? What do you want your life to look like? 

   Perhaps the next time you start to criticize yourself for feeling unmotivated, non-social, or gloomy; you remember Winter is here to nurture the internal you. Grab yourself a hot drink, curl up next to a fire or light some candles and gaze into the flames. Notice what your current truth is, how you really feel and allow yourself to be there. That is loving and honoring you. That is the real deal. That is joy being cultivated from the inside out. As the butterfly emerges from the chrysalis come Spring you shall too, and when you are true to yourself a smile will come quite naturally.

It’s time to book a massage for some well deserved self care during these winter months.

Do You Know… When Can YOU Produce Vitamin D?

A map of the united states with different colors showing which plants are in each region.

Vitamin D Production by Month…

With Winter in Full swing and the not so famous – cold and flu season upon us – do you know one of the best ways to support your immune system is with a boost of Vitamin D which our bodies naturally produce when we are out in the good ol’ sunshine! Unfortunately many of the months the sun does not reach high enough in the sky to allow for UV-B the specific spectrum of light we need to get that Vitamin D boost – that’s where the Blu Room comes in at!! Although the Blu Room is much more than just a room to help you produce your very own Vitamin D – it certainly does a great job of that – with medical grade UV-B lights the same that are used in hospitals for infants with jaundice.

A Blu Room session will last 20 minutes – the UV-B lights come on for either 3, 6, or 9 minutes depending on how many sessions you have already received. In a 3 minute session your body is producing approximately 5,000IUs, 6 minutes 15,000IUs and 9 minutes up to 30,000IUs – now this is your VERY own Vitamin D production so unlike with supplements your body is utilizing 100% of it and not passing it through the system because it can not recognize the synthetically produced variation. Are you ready to boost your immune system and kick the Winter Blues with the Blu Room!?

Special {Blu Room} Sundays

Special {Blu Room} Sundays

Extended 45 Minute Sessions PLUS a Specially Selected track ONLY available each Sunday!

We will be offering a special Blu Room session format exclusively on Sundays. Have you wanted to experience what it’s like to have more time in the Blu Room floating away into the unlimited potentials and releasing all resistance to current patterns. The Blu Room helps to shield you from all of the external stresses of the world, allowing you to move deeper within yourself. Each Sunday a certain track will be selected based on one of the Solfeggio Frequencies. The Solfeggio Frequencies are the main frequencies discussed with Sound Therapy and some of the following tones are the more commonly used and their corresponding use:

  • 174 Hz Reduce pain physically and energetically, sense of security, safety and love.
  • 285 Hz Influences energy fields, sending cellular message to restructure damaged organs. Rejuvenated and energized.
  • 396 Hz Turning grief into joy, liberating guilt and fear.
  • 417 Hz Cleanses past trauma, clears past events and facilitating change.
  • 432 Hz* Overall cellular repair.
  • 538 Hz Brings transformation and miracles into your life. DNA repair including increased life-energy, clarity of mind, awareness, creativity, states of deep peace and intuition.
  • 639 Hz Re-connecting and balancing relationships. Harmonious community and interpersonal relationships. Enhances communication, understanding, tolerance and love.
  • 741 Hz Solving problems and enhancing power of self-expression. Also shown to cleans cells of various toxins and electromagnetic radiations.
  • 852 Hz Awakening intuition and returning to highest-spiritual order.
  • 963 Hz Awakens any system to its original, perfect state.

The amount will be $20 additional to the standard session pricing (i.e. Regular $60 = $80, Wisdom $45 = $65, Veteran $30 = $50) Please call the center +1 636 432 1731 to schedule a special sunday session!

Attitude is everything!!!

Attitude is everything!!!

March 2018 I knew exactly what the doctor was going to say. After she announced that I had cervical cancer, instead of drowning in fear and seeing this as a death sentence, I chose to see it as an opportunity. 

I heard my God say, “Well, here is your 30-year anniversary gift. What have you learned and what can you do with this?” I accepted the challenge.

Within days after the diagnosis, I found two powerful quotes by my teacher Ramtha that gave me the understanding I needed to get through all of this from the beginning.

I began Blu Room sessions three times a week for the next nine months. Each time I would consider and mentally prepare for conventional treatment, I created that Dr. Ana would present to me a new alternative healing method as I continued the techniques I had learned at Ramtha’s school.

In October, Ramtha approached me at an event. He took my hand and held it very, very firmly and he spoke to me. I said to him, “Thank you. Thank you so much. I didn’t know this would be such a gift.” 

In December, I had a PET scan which showed that the cancer had spread from Stage 2B to Stage 3B. I continued my focus.

January 2019 I began chemotherapy once a week and radiation five times a week for six weeks in addition to my Blu Room sessions, plus a four-day hospital stay for brachy therapy (radiation from the inside out). For the radiation treatments, I made a very small talisman that fit into the palm of one hand, and another that fit into the other. Daily I went through radiation with what I called my “handhelds.” On the back of each one were the words “Divine Intervention.” Every chemo session I had my CD Walkman with Handel’s Messiah, Hallelujah Chorus on repeat for 3-1/2 hours. I’d fall asleep and the nurse would have to wake me to send me home. Before the brachy therapy procedure, I met with the anesthesiologist in a curtained area. When she left, I looked up and noticed I was in space number 9. I knew Ramtha was with me.

The only way I was able to continue going to work during these treatments so seamlessly was the Blu Room visits for nine months before starting chemo and radiation, plus my focus preparing my body, mind, and spirit for the conventional treatments. I felt the love from everyone involved in my treatment. I have never felt so loved. And in turn, I learned to love myself. 

July 22, 2019 another PET scan, and on July 25, I met with the oncologist who performed a physical exam and found a clean cervix. The results of the PET scan and biopsy confirmed the same. No tumors, no masses.


It wasn’t any particular discipline, focus or treatment, but everything combined influenced by attitude, which included an embrace with JZ. Telepathically I asked her to “help me,” and I am certain she heard me. I would like to let everyone know how much I appreciate each of you and thank you for helping me move to a new neighborhood in this epic journey. This experience has absolutely brought me nearer to God. So Be It.

by Bev Mitchell

Blu Room on Morning Blend MidWest

We love when others find out about the Blu Room, a few weeks ago Sara shared with James from Morning Blend MidWest all about the Blu Room and our Wellness Center here in Washington Missouri.


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From uncertainty to confidence…

From uncertainty to confidence…

With great pleasure we publish the wonderful experience that Franca sent us. Thank you so much for your sharing!

Franca, 79 years old.

This year I started doing the BluRoom, because I felt the need for help from physical point of view, for joint pains, foot problems and balance, I didn’t feel safe to drive and even walk I had to be careful. Furthermore, knowing that the Blue Room with its frequency, which has no polarity, helps to make contact with one’s own awareness and to have greater awareness of oneself, in a way that is not easy to explain in words, I also wanted to support from the emotional point of view and spiritual evolution. 

I did at BluRoom session a week. 

After the second BluRoom I had a great understanding of a personal situation. With much more serenity and tranquility.

The meaning of the concept is the mirror of our attitudes. 

After the fifth BluRoom I felt much more strength and physical energy. 

From the sixth Blu The new frequency was inserted: I felt a big difference during the session. When I went out, I felt a lot better, less joints and less than the following days. I have felt like being the following week. I drove alone, instead of being accompanied, to go to my Bluroom session (four hours to go to and from nearby) !!!

I always feel a great confidence from the deepest part of me. This is a really important change and realization! 

Thank you. 




I had been a Blu Room patient at Absolute Health Clinic in Olympia, WA visiting on a monthly basis since it first opened in May of 2015.

In May of 2016, I was tentatively diagnosed with cancer from an enlarged lymph node on the left side of my neck. Biopsy was inconclusive so surgery was performed which came back positive for squamous cell carcinoma in that node and left base of tongue. A PET scan in June confirmed cancer present only at base of tongue; no other lymph nodes involved except the one already removed.

I attempted one chemo but had an allergic reaction. In August, I started a series of 35 radiation treatments over seven weeks. I also took tinctures daily: dandelion root, red clover, and graviola along with cannabinoid oil to back of tongue. I upped my Blu Rooms to weekly during the radiation treatment 

I was informed by the doctor that this was an extremely painful radiation. I was prescribed oxycodone and told I could refill if needed. I was also told I could have eating difficulties and might require a feeding tube. I have been a student in Ramtha’s school since 1998 and knew that my attitude would also affect treatment. 

A friend and fellow RSE student had previously had breast cancer and she continued to work her business during her treatment so I listened closely to her advice. She said I first needed to ask my god why I had received this gift (I did and eventually received answer) and most importantly I had to love my cancer into remission which I also did. Karen Yule where I got my tinctures gave me a book on laughter and said I must laugh daily.

I must have been a good patient because I never used the oxycodone. I kept my weight stable from week three through week six and according to the cancer doc, I was already healing at week five with two more weeks of radiation still to go. I feel the Blu Room played a significant role in my treatment, and in a painless manner with which I persevered.

In the two weeks after my radiation treatments ended I had five more Blu Room sessions. Two months later, a PET scan on December 26, 2016 showed me cancer free. I have since been told by another doctor that if they could bottle whatever I did it would be worth millions and another doctor say don’t tell people how easy it was for you because most people go thru hell. This was ENT doc who originally found the cancer, who it turns out had told my wife privately that if I didn’t do the chemo and radiation I would die. The jokes on him! 

The Blu Room was a key component in my recovery and treatment and I cannot thank the AHC staff enough. It is now three years since I started my treatment and I have talked with many other cancer survivors –  about my approach as a longtime student in Ramtha’s school, my lack of pain, and how quickly I healed. What really came to light as I talked was that while still undergoing treatment at 5 weeks, the doctor told me I was already healing. That and the use of only 2 Tylenol where the norm is high doses of oxycodone could only be explained by my use of the Blu Room.


Thank you,

John Marley

Subconscious Mind and Theta Brain State | Time to Reprogram

The Theta state is most active between the ages of 0-7 where the subconscious mind “learning” programs for helping you to operate on auto-pilot the rest of your life… many of those early programs may no longer serve you in your Adults years, especially if there was trauma in your childhood.

Did you know your subconscious mind runs 95% of the time where the conscious mind only is responsible for the other 5%! Now that’s something to think about… Keep watching below to learn more about well, how you work!?

Now there is another time we can enter the Theta state without the use of a hypnotist or long hours meditating. Because the Blu Room helps to bring us into the Theta state so our intentions can be sent directly to the subconscious mind to “fast-track” the changes you are wanting to create in your life.

Are you ready to retrain your subscious mind? Find a Blu Room location near you -or- schedule a session at our location Blu Room Wellness Center in Washington, MO by calling +1 636-432-1731 or scheduling online 24/7.

TESTIMONIAL A change of mind led to a change of health

TESTIMONIAL A change of mind led to a change of health

Mayumi shares Kayoko’s healing story


I am a student of RSE. I have been learning through RSE teachings all these years. And I have experienced truly remarkable changes in mind and body since I started regular Blu Room sessions.


In this letter, I would like to share a healing story of my mother. Kayoko is not a RSE student. A few years ago, her health checkup result showed that she had problems in her lungs that would lead to emphysema. Her lung function was rated “C.†She had been a smoker for a long time and was having difficulties in breathing even when she walked up a gentle slope.


From the opening day of the Blu Room in Japan my partner and I have been going to Blu Room regularly and we both experienced remarkable changes. So I thought that Blu Room would help my mother Kayoko change too. I decided to take her there at least 10 times as Dr. Matt suggested me. However, because my mother had strong tendency to resist new/unknown things, it was difficult to carry out my plan. I had to face her resistance for every visit. But I stayed committed and took her to Blu Room once every month.


Gradually I noticed Kayoko’s mind started to change. She had less resistance. And after each session, she was smiling more and open minded. She had positive attitude and saw hopes in her life. She was brighter. Though she would go back to her usual patterns after a few days, she was clearly changing. She was far different from who she used to be. I thought, “if her mind is changing, her body must be changing too.†So I continued to take her to Blu Room after her 10th session.


Two years have passed and Kayoko’s recent health checkup shows that her lung function had improved to “A†instead of “C.†Her heart condition also improved to “A†instead of “B.†Now we clearly see the effect of Blu Room on her body as well as her mind. Her doctor was surprised.


My mother finally admitted that “Blu Room works†and changed her attitude. She does no longer resist going to Blu Room. She is more confident and is eager to heal other parts of her body. Moreover, she decided to attend Class 101 in Japan! Knowing she had had negative opinions about RSE, this was such a wonderful surprised to me!


I am very grateful for all the changes Blu Room brought to us. Observing my mother’s changes through Blu Room sessions has been an amazing experience. We will continue to visit Blu Room and look forward to seeing more changes in the future.



Mayumi Shiratori


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Blu Room® is an internationally registered trade and service mark of JZ Knight. Used with permission. US Pat. No. 9,919,162. Canada Pat. No. 2,998,840. Testimonials are not intended to make claims or even imply that the Blu Room can be used to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent disease. Testimonials have not been evaluated by the FDA or any other regulatory entity. Blu Room Enterprises, LLC makes no representations or warranties as to results, which may depend on numerous factors beyond the control of Blu Room Enterprises, LLC.


Mind Your Words ~ Baby Line

Mind Your Words ~ Baby Line

Raise ExtraOrdinary Children with Unlimited Potential

We are offering a limited number of childrens ‘Onesies’ for sale!!

There are only a handful of sizes, color and saying combinations. Great as gifts or for your own little ones.

Please give us a call at +1 636 432 1731  for current availability!!

$12 per Onesie

$0 pickup at Blu Room Wellness Center
$6 within US
$12 International

The Following “Mind Your Words” Sayings are available : 

(see bottom of page for more details on each saying)

Color Options Include :


Sizes Ranging :


Styles Includes :

Short and Long Sleeve


Having the mental power to be free from disease or ailment body and mind. What if you could promote healthy development in your children by the way you speak to them?

To have a deep intense expression for someone without limitations. What if you loved your children everyday with the same intensity regardless of their actions or beliefs? 

To have no boundaries. What could your child’s mind conceive and achieve if you as a parent, believed them to be unlimited in capability? What if instead of asking how or why you asked why not? 

A soul on their individual journey. What if your children have their own agenda of fulfillment during this lifetime? Are you willing to be respectful of their journey? 

Transferring information from one source to another without analysis. What if your children automatically took on your attitudes, limitations, beliefs and judgements? Would you be more aware of your actions and how you speak around them? 

To imagine is the power of the mind to form images of what is to present to our five senses. What if you embraced your child’s imagination at all times? What if your children felt free to manifest their ideas into physical reality? 


A young child wearing a red shirt with the words " love unconditionally ".A baby wearing a hat and smiling for the camera. A baby wearing a hat with the word " unlimited " on it.

TESTIMONIAL 65 year old with Hyperthyroidism

TESTIMONIAL 65 year old with Hyperthyroidism

I thank my God for what we know

I have been going to The U Wellness Center in Yelm twice weekly for almost 5 months now per JZ’s recommendation. Prior to that it was once weekly.

We have always been taught by our Master Teacher to credit connection to the Source when we are present, surrender to potentials, and allow our God to manifest our focused intent.

I always heard The Old Man to say that unless we can get our card on the Field consistently within 15 minutes, then we are not yet focused enough to discard western medicine. So when I had some very scary conditions come onto my body during the holidays, I did what he said:


  1. Immediately consult my physician to get the cause so I could know what I needed to do. Knowledge is power because then we can do something about it.


  1. Took the physician’s council to have medication to control the immediate situation until more tests could be performed.


  1. Listened to Ramtha’s message to me at the event on January 5th to get rid of anything in my life that did not make me happy – go into every corner of my mind and find everything.


  1. Accepted the prescription of a battery of tests which determined a hyper thyroid, contributing to the rapid 20 pound weight loss and other issues.


  1. Had Yael use her Photoshop capabilities to make a card with grid over the body part not functioning properly – the thyroid.


  1. Consistently have gone to a Blu Room session twice weekly for 3+ months, placing the card over my thyroid during every BR session, every float session, every day before slumber.


  1. Got out of my way, have no emotion about the outcome or timing – allow God to do the magic.


  1. Recently had a thyroid ultrasound, more blood work, and physical exam with a specialized endocrinologist.


Outside of minor issues, I have never had what I call a “malady.” This was quite an eye-opener for me as I am about to be 65 years of age in this body and was concerned.

I am here to tell you this works. My thyroid & thyroxine hormone output both have returned to normal. I am being slowly weaned off the medication.

February 2019

Component       Your Value      Standard Range

Free T4             2.51 high         0.82 – 1.77 ng/dL

TSH                  <0.005 low       0.45 – 4.50 uIU/mL

A thyroid nuclear medicine exam was prescribed and performed, which resulted in a hyperthyroid diagnosis.


April 2019

Component       Your Value     Standard Range

Free T4             0.8                  0.6 – 1.6 ng/dL

TSH                   4.79               0.45 – 5.10 uIU/mL

Component Results – Normal


Wow Steve. You did good! Medically speaking, most would say the thyroid is never able to heal. And a lifetime of medication is necessary. We know better. You found your card my friend! Well done! Big hug!”

— Dr Matt


I am proud to say: Add me to the list of testimonials with both the before and after diagnosis, tests, and results. It is imperative that we acknowledge these triumphs so that they become habit.


THANK YOU JZ for all you have done to add to my caldron of knowledge.


Love from Stevie K.


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Blu Room® is an internationally registered trade and service mark of JZ Knight. Used with permission. US Pat. No. 9,919,162.Canada Pat. No. 2,998,840. Testimonials are not intended to make claims or even imply that the Blu Room can be used to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent disease. Testimonials have not been evaluated by the FDA or any other regulatory entity. Blu Room Enterprises, LLC makes no representations or warranties as to results, which may depend on numerous factors beyond the control of Blu Room Enterprises, LLC.

Embracing the benefits of… 111 hz Frequency

Embracing the benefits of… 111 hz Frequency

Recently a new frequency has been shared by JZ Knight to be used in tandem with the current Blu Room frequencies. This week will be the first week we will be offering this additional frequency during your Blu Room Session, if you choose. Interested in learning more about 111 hz frequency and where it came from? Keep on reading below and there are a number of additional links to information throughout the following post. We have noticed a deeper sense of calming and others who have recently had the 111 hz…

“My body was even more relaxed. Loving this!â€

“Really like the sound and ‘feel’ of this frequency. Seems to go deep.â€

“Felt tingling all over, like when you sit on legs too long. I went deep and was slow to come back.â€

“Felt tingling where body had issues.â€

“Dropped into deeper state quickly.â€

“Floating/levitating/tingly sensations – wow!â€

“Experience was a lot more powerful. A lot of tears afterwards – big emotional release.â€

“I felt like I was in a cradle being gently rocked from side to side, then went into a place of deep peace. Came out with a huge grin and laugh.â€

“The sound faded in and out as I went deeper into a focused state. Seems like the healing was amplified.â€

“More detached than usual! Soft, fuzzy, buffered sensation all around me like a deep massage or a long, hot bath.â€

“Put me in a totally different reality. Didn’t want to leave.â€

“Deeper, and quicker getting to free space. Ended much sooner than expected. Didn’t want it to end.â€

What is 111 hz?

Frequency is the number of occurrences of a repeating event per unit time. It is also referred to as temporal frequency. The period is the duration of time of one cycle in a repeating event, so the period is the reciprocal of the frequency. The hertz (symbol: Hz) is the derived unit of frequency in the International System of Units (SI) and is defined as one cycle per second.[1] It is named after Heinrich Rudolf Hertz, the first person to provide conclusive proof of the existence of electromagnetic waves.


A room with two large pillars and a round ceiling.


Healing with Sound in Ancient Temples 

Findings of MRI scans suggest that at exactly 111hz, the brain switches off the prefrontal cortex, deactivating the language centre, and  temporary switches from left to right-sided dominance , that is responsible for intuition, creativity, holistic processing, inducing a state of meditation or a trance.

There are a number of megalithic sites and ancient temples that all resonate specific frequencies some embodying the 111hz one including, “The Maltese Hypogeum is a temple hewn out of the rock during 3600-2500BC that covers some 500m2 with the lowest room being around 11 metres under the ground, mirroring Temples above the ground that are the oldest free standing structures on Earth.  Testing that analysed the sound within the Oracle Chamber in the Hypogeum found to match the same pattern of resonance at the frequency of 111 Hz”. Find the full article that explores these in more detail by NataÅ¡a Nuit Pantović

Miss Minnie returns to health after Blu Pet sessions…

Miss Minnie returns to health after Blu Pet sessions…

Approximately a year ago Minnie Perl, my 9-year-old cat, began to act strangely. She began to show signs of extreme stress, sleeping with her back pressed into corners or against the back of the stairs. Then she began throwing up volumes of undigested kibble and then even canned cat food. She began “jetting†down hallways and stairs as if chased by ghosts. Always a small and fragile cat, she lost two pounds from her ideal weight. Blood tests revealed hyperthyroidism with T4 values in the high teens, far above normal. She was placed on thyroid medication.

With the medication alone, Minnie’s T4 continued to rise. The side effects worsened the vomiting even on an empty stomach, so the meds were discontinued. Next she completely stopped eating. She laid around, lethargic and with glazed eyes.

In late December, after five days of not eating anything, I came within hours of making the decision to have her euthanized. I offered her one last morsel of her favorite fish-based food which I had been withholding and miraculously she started eating. I could only feed her a teaspoon at a time. If she ate more she would throw it up. After the holidays I consulted with Dr Overlie again and this time he came up with a plan to make the Pet Blu Room affordable for me so Minnie could try twice a week for 12-14 visits.

We measured T4 levels prior to the first session, revealing scores in the 20’s. Gradually, she was able to tolerate the full 9 minutes of UV. The vomiting tapered off and finally stopped for the most part. At the conclusion of the first course of Pet Blu treatments, we repeated the blood work with high hopes, only to discover that it was higher than it had ever been. We reluctantly agreed to discontinue the Blu Room.

Although her blood values had worsened, I had a very different kitty. Minnie had stopped vomiting, was eating well, was much calmer with much more normal behavior. I was willing to try the medication again with the goal of keeping her comfortable and prolonging her life as long as possible. Dr Overlie offered one more course of Pet Blu sessions and then to test her again.

This time Minnie was a pro at the Pet Blu Room experience. She also tolerated the application of the medication which she had previously violently resisted. Now calm and with the vomiting long behind her, Minnie regained over one pound of her lost weight. And the miracle? After another course of Pet Blu sessions, her T4 value fell from it’s high in the upper 20’s to just 1.5, well within the normal range. And it has stayed at that value even after the Blu Room was discontinued. Now Minnie Perl is her old self. I have my best feline friend back. I plan to give her booster Pet Blu sessions from time-to-time with blood work to chart progress.




Blu Petâ„¢ is available at:

Tyee Vet Clinic in Rainier, WA 360-446-8933, [email protected] and

Shiva Blu in Yelm, WA 360-458-5224, [email protected]


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What is Neuroplasticity?

What is Neuroplasticity?

neuroplasticity noun

neu·​ro·​plas·​tic·​i·​ty | \ ˌnu̇r-Å-pla-ˈsti-sÉ™-tē  , ˌnyu̇r-\
: the capacity for continuous alteration of the neural pathways and synapses of the living brain and nervous system in response to experience or injury

Our brains are truly amazing, aren’t they?

Have you ever watched one of those specials on someone who experienced an amazing, unexpected recovery after a traumatic brain injury, stroke, or other brain damage? Some of those stories seem like the only explanation is magic!

Although it certainly seems inexplicable, scientists have been hard at work studying exactly these cases over the last several decades, and have found the explanation behind the magic: neuroplasticity.

Excerpts from the Article What is Neuroplasticity?


Benefits Neuroplasticity Has on the Brain

  • Recovery from brain events like strokes;
  • Recovery from traumatic brain injuries;
  • Ability to rewire functions in the brain (e.g., if an area that controls one sense is damaged, other areas may be able to pick up the slack);
  • Losing function in one area may enhance functions in other areas (e.g., if one sense is lost, the others may become heightened);
  • Enhanced memory abilities;
  • Wide range of enhanced cognitive abilities;
  • More effective learning;
  • Help rewire depression and anxiety;
  • Chronic Pain issues;
  • and ADHD, OCD, and Autism spectrum patients.


Continue to Read the full Article and ‘stretch’ your neurons!!

Welcoming… “The Blu Star Project”

A group of five blue stars in the shape of a star.


During your next Blu Room session at The Blu Room Wellness Center ask us about the Blu Star Project and take a Blu Star in with you to send Blu frequency to them as well during your session.

*VIDEO* Testimonial Health Empowerment with Blu Room


Donna from Virginia shares why she traveled 2 days and 1,000 miles to receive Blu Room sessions at the Blu Room Wellness Center.

Never heard of a “Blu Room”?!? Check out Dr. Martinez Video and keep reading below for more info…

The Blu Room is a patented technology that creates an atmosphere to insulate users from the outside world. It provides the participant with a mind/body/spirit consciousness-lifting environment that can augment one’s state of personal wellbeing and creative focus. Highly polished mirrored stainless steel lines the interior walls, floor, and ceiling. Illuminated throughout the session in soft blue LED light, the Blu Room provides a novel environment and a unique atmosphere enhanced by narrowband UVB light at the start of each session. The room also includes music, ventilation, and design elements based upon proprietary research by JZ Knight, the inventor. Since your brain isn’t busy responding to the stimulus of the everyday environment, your mind is free to float down to a state of deep relaxation known as the theta state. The Blu Room is useful for anyone – including children and the elderly – who wants to step out of their daily environment.

Users have reported a wide range of personal benefits, including: ​
• Improved health and well-being
• Deep relaxation
• Relief from physical pain
• Relief from mental stress & anxiety
• Faster healing process
• Increased creativity
• Greater self-awareness
• Significant source of vitamin D

To find locations around the world visit :

*VIDEO* TESTIMONIAL MS symptoms alleviated with help of the Blu Room!

Watch the Video Testimonial Below of Connie who Conquers her MS with use of Blu Room sessions after being diagnosed in 2004 after trying many standard treatments, she finds the Blu Room in June of 2018 and has experienced wonderful shifts since beginning going for regular Blu Room sessions. Keep watching below to hear from Connie and her life shifting changes with the Blu Room…


Getting the Most From Your Session

Getting the Most From Your Session

Here are a few tips on how to make the most of your experience in the Blu Room.  Everyone has their own individual experience, so no two Blu Room sessions are exactly the same. However we know it is easy to fall into a pattern which although pleasant, may not be the best experience that you can have.

First and most important is to make sure you are comfortable. Remember to use the bathroom before your session even if you are feeling rushed. Your whole experience can be ruined if your bladder is nagging you. Attitudes and emotions are stored in our cells as chemicals. When they are released, those chemicals get flushed out of the body and are eliminated most often through urine which explains why many times after a Blu Room session you definitely need to visit the bathroom.

Second, make sure you are wearing comfortable clothing. Undo the button on tight waist bands and/or release your bra if it is restrictive. It is important that you can breathe freely. For those who need it, we have extra pillows to help you sit up more or to go under your legs as needed. Your comfort is very important to us. Don’t hesitate to ask for anything you need to make you more comfortable.

A few deep breaths

When you begin the session, start with a few deep relaxing breaths. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth if possible. See if you can breathe all the way down into your belly, allowing your belly to relax, rising and falling with the breathe. This deep focused breathing helps the body drop really fast into the parasympathetic system which takes you out of thinking mind.

After a few breaths, try breathing in the blue light and seeing it fill your whole body. While you are focusing on this there is no room for mundane thoughts. You will notice your fingertips beginning to warm or tingle. As you continue to breathe consciously, this feeling will spread through your entire body. You will be in a deep state of relaxation. This will take just a few minutes and will deepen your experience.


The deep state of relaxation

Once you are fully relaxed, bathed in ultra violet blue light from the outside and the inside, you can place an intention for your session. Popular intentions are health and wealth. Some people focus on going out of their body. Others find answers to ongoing problems or challenges in their life.

This deep state of relaxation allows us to access parts of the brain that we do not normally access in our daily waking lives. It allows us to bypass the frontal cortex,  the part of the brain we use habitually. The neocortex holds all of our fixed opinions about our health, wealth, relationships, etc.

Our bodies respond to what we are thinking, so if our habitual thoughts of pain and suffering are interrupted, the body responds with feelings of wellbeing and healing is initiated. The longer we can maintain this state, the faster our bodies are able to fulfill the new program.

Room for creativity

This other part of the brain also allows for new and novel solutions to problems to rise to the surface. It allows for inspiration to come forward which increases our creativity.

It has been noted by many people that at first a Blu Room session affects the way we think for about 3-4 days, then the old habitual patterns begin to assert themselves. Regular sessions extend the benefits as the new program gets hardwired.


Special thanks to The U Wellness Center for permission to reprint this article.

TESTIMONIAL Knee Pain Improves + Calm

TESTIMONIAL Knee Pain Improves + Calm

Karen Schiller

Q: What are you using the Blu Room for?
A: When I started using the Blu Room I really didn’t have a reason… I thought maybe it could help with my knee pain. Now I use it for that, but also because I feel so happy and content when I use it.

Q: What changes in your body and or mind have you noticed since receiving Blu Room treatments?
A: I’ve noticed that I’m really calm. I let things just roll off my back. My knee pain has also decreased, can almost squat again.

Q: Do you have any thoughts or comments about the Blu Room Wellness Center staff?
A: The staff is wonderful at the Blu Room! Always willing to share their knowledge and boy do they have a ton of it!

Q: Are there any other comments you would like to share?
A:  I’ve recently moved away and really miss going! Wish there was one closer to where I live now.

TESTIMONIAL Sharon Heals Blood Clots

TESTIMONIAL Sharon Heals Blood Clots

Sharon is 70 years old. During a trip in late December 2018, she fell on ice and developed extensive swelling and hardness in her left leg by the next day. She went to the emergency room and was diagnosed with blood clots in every vein of the lower and upper left leg. This was dangerous since such blood clots can dislodge and cause a life threatening embolism in the lungs.

The doctors at the emergency room immediately started Sharon on blood thinners and warned her against doing any significant activity. Blood thinners don’t dissolve clots but they can stop them from getting bigger and keep new ones from forming. Two days later, Sharon returned to the ER due to severe discomfort caused by the tightness of all of the tissues of the leg.

When Sharon returned from her trip, she started Blu Room sessions at Absolute Health Clinic and went to her Primary Care Provider who ordered CT scans of her abdomen and pelvis. The scans showed that the blood clots had migrated into the veins in the pelvic area close to the inferior vena cava, the major vein in the body leading to the heart. Sharon was immediately seen by a vascular surgeon who did not recommend surgery just yet.

Sharon increased her weekly Blu Room sessions to every other day by joining the Mercy Blu Room Program where she was also started on nutraceuticals and peptides to stimulate blood clot dissolution while she stayed on the pharmaceutical blood thinner. With this treatment regime and her consistent healing focus, Sharon’s leg swelling reduced substantially and her tissue softened in the following weeks.

Sharon continued her Blu Room sessions every other day through February and March. A follow-up ultrasound taken on April 5 showed the veins of her left leg were normal without any evidence of blood clots. The ultrasound showed some residual clots still present in the iliac veins in her pelvis.

Typically, a person stays on blood thinners for many months – even years – and scans will still show residual evidence of previous blood clots. To have a rapid resolution of such a large number of blood clots along with a return to normal of all leg veins in such a short period of time is medically astounding.

Sharon understood that it was critical to make a life change. It was a matter of life and death. Sharon addressed her changes with an intensity, acuity, and an absoluteness in applying all of the techniques she had learned at RSE. This was an opportunity to pause and reevaluate her mind, to have no regret about the trauma, and to intently focus on what she wanted her future to be.

Sharon continues to focus on complete resolution of clots in her iliac veins. She attributes her rapid healing to the combination of her focused mind, much needed rest, frequent Blu Room sessions, and the use of natural compounds taken in conjunction with the blood thinners.

Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD
Supervising physician, Mercy Blu Room program

TESTIMONIAL Healing Prostate Cancer with Mind, Blu Room and Innovative Treatments

TESTIMONIAL Healing Prostate Cancer with Mind, Blu Room and Innovative Treatments

Guenther is a 66-year-old gentleman who in 2015 was found to have a rising PSA value, the marker for prostate cancer. Guenther wanted to heal himself with his mind and natural interventions.  His PSA continued to rise and in February 2018 he finally had a prostate biopsy which did show prostate cancer.

In May of 2018, Guenther became part of the Mercy Blu Room Program and started Blu Room treatments three times a week. Despite those interventions, his PSA continued to rise, up to 26.4 in October 2018. High dose oral Iscador and an anti-cancer peptide was added to his regimen in addition to his ongoing Blu Room treatments.

In December 2018, Guenther underwent a transformation of mind. He became extremely passionate and excited about a new project. He knows that this passion and excitement about a new start was what changed everything for him. He had a total of 67 Mercy Blu Room sessions through February 2019.

In March 2019, Guenther had a repeat prostate biopsy that showed only chronic inflammation but had no evidence of cancer. His repeat PSA had come down to 18.

Guenther is grateful about his healing and excited to continue his newfound life.

Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD

Supervising physician, Mercy Blu Room program

TESTIMONIAL Free from the victimization I had felt all my life…

TESTIMONIAL Free from the victimization I had felt all my life…

As the manager of The U Wellness Center, I began to do one Blu Room session a week starting in December 2015. The following summer a client came in very excited that she had had no seasonal allergies since she started regular Blu Room sessions. It was not until she mentioned it I realized I to had not had any seasonal allergies that year (or since). The first time for 36 years.

I continued to use the Blu Room regularly, increasing to twice and sometimes three times a week. I did not have any major physical issues to deal with so I used my sessions to focus on attitudes that were impacting my life.

Occasionally I have had moments of pure inspiration other times I have been presented with answers to knotty problems. I have left my body numerous times and it has definitely increased my psychic ability. However, the stubborn victim attitude kept rearing its ugly head.

A few days ago I was in a group of people discussing the reasons why we freeze up when questions are asked. I offered the observation from personal experience that lack of confidence stemming from fear of judgement plays a large part. I shared that I had not always been self-confidant, indeed up until my mid-twenties I had zero self-confidence or self-worth. Forty years personal development has helped me to learn to love and accept myself.

It was at this point that another member of the group who was aware that my father was a hands-on healer, my mother was a medium, and that our childhood dinnertime conversations often included discussions on life after death and reincarnation asked me, “With such enlightened parents where do you think your lack of self-confidence came from?”

It took me a moment to answer. I was trying to think why on earth I would have a lack of confidence. Eventually my brain connected with the answer. “I grew up with a mentally ill mother.”

This story is not new. I have known this answer for many years. I have even come to the place of forgiving my mother and developing deep compassion for her, even finding myself honoring her for her strength and tenacity to finally get herself off the prescription drugs she had been on for twenty years.

I contemplated what had just happened on my drive home and realized that what was new was the fact that I had zero emotion, judgements, or opinions on my very formative experiences in childhood. I was totally detached. It was like they all happened to someone else rather than me.

What I had focused on regularly in the Blu Room, unwinding my past, had manifested. I was finally free from the victimization I had felt all my life. It had been lodged on a cellular level. Mentally I had been able to reason what had happened. I had also been able to recognize the enormous gifts I had gained from it that have helped me greatly in my adult life. Yet despite constant vigilance that little victim would raise its head at every opportunity. Now it has been unwound on a cellular level too and I am free.


Light Medicine with Dr. Martinez, D.C. and Dr. Mihalcea, M.D.

Light Medicine with Dr. Martinez, D.C. and Dr. Mihalcea, M.D.

Join Dr Matthew Martinez, D.C. cofounder of Blu Room Enterprises, LLC and Dr Ana Mihalcea, M.D. , Supervising Physician of the Mercy Blu Room program, for this presentation about the latest Blu Room innovations and the introduction of Light Medicine, a novel comprehensive approach to health and longevity. The future is here!

This presentation will be held on :

Saturday, April 20th at 1:00 PM (PDT) | 3:00PM (CST)

Saturday, April 20th at 5:00 PM (PDT) | 7:00PM (CST)

Register for the LIVE STREAM HERE 


TESTIMONIAL Inner Peace, Clarity and Pain Free

TESTIMONIAL Inner Peace, Clarity and Pain Free

Q: What are you using the Blu Room for?
A: Attunement with the source; achieving inner peace; reducing stress and anxiety; greater awareness of myself and the universe; more powerful and meaningful meditation. Ridding my body of toxins to live a happy and healthy life.

Q: What changes in your body and or mind have you noticed since receiving Blu Room treatments?
A: I have felt euphoria and increased mental alertness and clarity. I have experienced emotional highs and lows that were stronger than anticipated. I have started (Blu Room) treatments in pain that (the pain) subsided by the end.

Q: Do you have any thoughts or comments about the Blu Room Wellness Center staff?
A: The staff has been incredibly friendly and helpful. We hammered them with a multitude of questions that were answered professionally and knowledgeably.

Q: Are there any other comments you would like to share?
A:  I am hooked on the Blu Room. I eagerly anticipate my next trip so I can enjoy the Blu Room again…

TESTIMONIAL Absolutely Fantastic!

TESTIMONIAL Absolutely Fantastic!


Q: What are you using the Blu Room for?
A: I went in the Blu Room for a medical situation and spiritual growth.

Q: What changes in your body and or mind have you noticed since receiving Blu Room treatments?
A: I figured I would receive something positive from the Blu Room, but was amazed with the outcome that happened. In short I left the Blu Room with an amazing amount of calm and peace everytime. I had joint pain that stopped and an increased amount of energy.

Q: Do you have any thoughts or comments about the Blu Room Wellness Center staff?
A: The staff was amazing and kind every visit. They always seemed genuinely interested in my well being and comfort. Absolutely fantastic.

Q: Are there any other comments you would like to share?
A:  Absolutely give it a try for at least three visits or more.

An Athlete’s Testimonial on Accessing “The Zone”

An Athlete’s Testimonial on Accessing “The Zone”

“My name is Will, I am 18 years old. I am the co-captain of the Mercer Island boy’s basketball team.

I’ve been using the Blu Room for a year, about a year. I would say that after going in, I would become more mentally focused – I think that was the biggest change I realized after coming in here.

I would come here before a basketball game for example, and I remember the first time I came in before a game, I had one of my best games of my career because I was Mentally LOCKED IN.

After the season ended and I came in here to the Blu Room, I noticed that I was able to heal faster because we played back to back games and I came in here and I noticed how I was sore before, but then after I came in the soreness basically went away.

I used the time in here to look at my goals and see this is what I would want in the Future because I’m so busy outside of here that I really don’t have time to think about what I want. So I took the time, in here, to say this is what I want and to paint a picture of it.

So, when I went to the Blu Room, we listened to a certain type of music and when I went down to California I was able to put on head phones and listen to that same music and I think it triggered those same feelings of relaxation because I wasn’t able to sleep down there, and I put on my headphones and listened to the same music I listened to in the Blu Room and I was immediately able to fall asleep and I woke up relaxed, and I woke up feeling good.

I think everyone can use the Blu Room. I think for me as an athlete, I think athletes can benefit, I think anyone can benefit, whether it’s adults with their work, for example. Anyone can get more focused coming in here. I think it can help athletes because it can help them heal faster and help them stay engaged. So I think the Blu Room can benefit everyone, it’s not just for a certain group of people.

I guess I could just say thank you for this experience. I think that after coming into the Blu Room that I’ve been able to enjoy life more, I’ve been able to get more focused with school, with basketball, and I think I’ve been able to heal faster and enjoy myself… be more who I am!”

Clear my Mind and Focus….

Clear my Mind and Focus….

I have been using the Blu Room since it opened in Washington, MO. I cannot say enough good things about it! Most often, I go into the Blu Room to clear my mind and focus, but I have also gone into the room to boost my immunity when feeling less than perfect. Even if I don’t have a specific reason for going in, the atmosphere and the healing energy in the room always makes me feel, sleep, and concentrate better. Sara and Michelle do an excellent job of explaining how the room works, and the atmosphere at the Center is incredibly peaceful.

The testimonials are not intended to make claims or even imply that the Blu Room can be used to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent disease. Testimonials have not been evaluated by the FDA or any other regulatory entity. Blu Room Enterprises, LLC makes no representations or warranties as to results. For the full text of disclaimers, click here

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