Vitamin D Production by Month…

With Winter in Full swing and the not so famous – cold and flu season upon us – do you know one of the best ways to support your immune system is with a boost of Vitamin D which our bodies naturally produce when we are out in the good ol’ sunshine! Unfortunately many of the months the sun does not reach high enough in the sky to allow for UV-B the specific spectrum of light we need to get that Vitamin D boost – that’s where the Blu Room comes in at!! Although the Blu Room is much more than just a room to help you produce your very own Vitamin D – it certainly does a great job of that – with medical grade UV-B lights the same that are used in hospitals for infants with jaundice.

A Blu Room session will last 20 minutes – the UV-B lights come on for either 3, 6, or 9 minutes depending on how many sessions you have already received. In a 3 minute session your body is producing approximately 5,000IUs, 6 minutes 15,000IUs and 9 minutes up to 30,000IUs – now this is your VERY own Vitamin D production so unlike with supplements your body is utilizing 100% of it and not passing it through the system because it can not recognize the synthetically produced variation. Are you ready to boost your immune system and kick the Winter Blues with the Blu Room!?