I thank my God for what we know

I have been going to The U Wellness Center in Yelm twice weekly for almost 5 months now per JZ’s recommendation. Prior to that it was once weekly.

We have always been taught by our Master Teacher to credit connection to the Source when we are present, surrender to potentials, and allow our God to manifest our focused intent.

I always heard The Old Man to say that unless we can get our card on the Field consistently within 15 minutes, then we are not yet focused enough to discard western medicine. So when I had some very scary conditions come onto my body during the holidays, I did what he said:


  1. Immediately consult my physician to get the cause so I could know what I needed to do. Knowledge is power because then we can do something about it.


  1. Took the physician’s council to have medication to control the immediate situation until more tests could be performed.


  1. Listened to Ramtha’s message to me at the event on January 5th to get rid of anything in my life that did not make me happy – go into every corner of my mind and find everything.


  1. Accepted the prescription of a battery of tests which determined a hyper thyroid, contributing to the rapid 20 pound weight loss and other issues.


  1. Had Yael use her Photoshop capabilities to make a card with grid over the body part not functioning properly – the thyroid.


  1. Consistently have gone to a Blu Room session twice weekly for 3+ months, placing the card over my thyroid during every BR session, every float session, every day before slumber.


  1. Got out of my way, have no emotion about the outcome or timing – allow God to do the magic.


  1. Recently had a thyroid ultrasound, more blood work, and physical exam with a specialized endocrinologist.


Outside of minor issues, I have never had what I call a “malady.” This was quite an eye-opener for me as I am about to be 65 years of age in this body and was concerned.

I am here to tell you this works. My thyroid & thyroxine hormone output both have returned to normal. I am being slowly weaned off the medication.

February 2019

Component       Your Value      Standard Range

Free T4             2.51 high         0.82 – 1.77 ng/dL

TSH                  <0.005 low       0.45 – 4.50 uIU/mL

A thyroid nuclear medicine exam was prescribed and performed, which resulted in a hyperthyroid diagnosis.


April 2019

Component       Your Value     Standard Range

Free T4             0.8                  0.6 – 1.6 ng/dL

TSH                   4.79               0.45 – 5.10 uIU/mL

Component Results – Normal


Wow Steve. You did good! Medically speaking, most would say the thyroid is never able to heal. And a lifetime of medication is necessary. We know better. You found your card my friend! Well done! Big hug!”

— Dr Matt


I am proud to say: Add me to the list of testimonials with both the before and after diagnosis, tests, and results. It is imperative that we acknowledge these triumphs so that they become habit.


THANK YOU JZ for all you have done to add to my caldron of knowledge.


Love from Stevie K.


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