I decided to try the experience of the Blu Room after observing the physical change of a friend who, after a few sessions, looked so peaceful, rejuvenated, with a greater self-confidence and such an improving eyesight which allowed her to drive again.

I started last August with one Blu Room per week and I noticed an improvement in my psyche, I’m calmer, more positive, more confident in myself, more open to others, while before I was closed and not inclined to conversation. My body has more stability, I can move my legs better – 2 flights of stairs made without effort and with normal breathing, some yoga positions that seemed difficult, now I do them with great ease. I can even move my fingers better, rigid and aching due to arthrosis, my neck is more relaxed, I walk fast without fear of falling. Mental concentration has also improved, I am less distracted and more present, I put down things, then I remember where I put them. Even my calligraphy is more stable and fluid. Furthermore I don’t feel any stomach pain caused by gastritis. I am feeling better and I am pleased with the results.

In recent months I had moments of depression, mental and physical fatigue. I felt the body weighed down, I struggled to go up the stairs, I had a stiff neck especially when I was driving. I knew I looked serious and thoughtful.

I did my first Blu Room last August, without knowing its value and without anyone convincing me to do it, only moved by curiosity and the desire to experience new things.

After the first session I came out calm and relaxed, with a brighter face. Now, although the weekly trip is a bit stressful, I’m taking it easy, I think about the benefit I get, I feel more energy. I have more breath when I go up the stairs and I can move my neck and my legs better than before. Recently, while I was on the mountain I was able to make a long uphill road without using a stick to lean on. I am satisfied with the results and I hope to improve even more in the future.

🙂The Blu Room helps to release all stress factors and recharge vital energy, with a benefit for the whole organism.