Donna from Virginia shares why she traveled 2 days and 1,000 miles to receive Blu Room sessions at the Blu Room Wellness Center.

Never heard of a “Blu Room”?!? Check out Dr. Martinez Video and keep reading below for more info…

The Blu Room is a patented technology that creates an atmosphere to insulate users from the outside world. It provides the participant with a mind/body/spirit consciousness-lifting environment that can augment one’s state of personal wellbeing and creative focus. Highly polished mirrored stainless steel lines the interior walls, floor, and ceiling. Illuminated throughout the session in soft blue LED light, the Blu Room provides a novel environment and a unique atmosphere enhanced by narrowband UVB light at the start of each session. The room also includes music, ventilation, and design elements based upon proprietary research by JZ Knight, the inventor. Since your brain isn’t busy responding to the stimulus of the everyday environment, your mind is free to float down to a state of deep relaxation known as the theta state. The Blu Room is useful for anyone – including children and the elderly – who wants to step out of their daily environment.

Users have reported a wide range of personal benefits, including: “‹
“¢Improved health and well-being
“¢Deep relaxation
“¢ Relief from physical pain
“¢Relief from mental stress & anxiety
“¢Faster healing process
“¢Increased creativity
“¢Greater self-awareness
“¢ Significant source of vitamin D

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