With great pleasure we publish the wonderful experience that Franca sent us. Thank you so much for your sharing!

Franca, 79 years old.

This year I started doing the BluRoom, because I felt the need for help from physical point of view, for joint pains, foot problems and balance, I didn’t feel safe to drive and even walk I had to be careful. Furthermore, knowing that the Blue Room with its frequency, which has no polarity, helps to make contact with one’s own awareness and to have greater awareness of oneself, in a way that is not easy to explain in words, I also wanted to support from the emotional point of view and spiritual evolution.

I did at BluRoom session a week.

After the second BluRoom I had a great understanding of a personal situation. With much more serenity and tranquility.

The meaning of the concept is the mirror of our attitudes.

After the fifth BluRoom I felt much more strength and physical energy.

From the sixth Blu The new frequency was inserted: I felt a big difference during the session. When I went out, I felt a lot better, less joints and less than the following days. I have felt like being the following week. I drove alone, instead of being accompanied, to go to my Bluroom session (four hours to go to and from nearby) !!!

I always feel a great confidence from the deepest part of me. This is a really important change and realization!

Thank you.