Relax with Us


Slip off your shoes and give yourself a little time to unwind. 


Into the Blu

a space just for you… where anything is possible. 


Blu Room

The Blu Room is a healing experience like no other. UVB light and sound therapy combined make this experience a peaceful and relaxing respite from every day life.


Customized massage therapy services focused specifically on your needs including therapeutic techniques and relaxation.

Intuitive Bodyworks Sessions

A unique journey of healing and self-discovery! We tailor each session to your unique needs. There are no one-size-fits-all treatments here. Your journey is as distinct as you are.


Do you often feel overwhelmed and discouraged by the events happening in your life? I’m looking who want to invest their time, money and energy into THEMSELVES in order to start living the life of their dreams!

Gift Cards

Looking for that perfect gift for that special someone? Why not purchase a gift card they can use to treat themselves to a massage, Blu Room session or any of the services we provide?

New Offer!

Hospice Caregivers and those on Hospice now receive a special discounted rate for Blu Room Sessions! Click the button below to schedule an appointment and select the Military/Veteran/First Responder/Hospice rate.

The Blu Room®

UVB Light & Sound Therapy 

Physical Pain Relief

Reduce Anxiety & Stress

Improved Energy

Faster Healing Time

Creativity & Awareness

Increase Vitamin D

2017 Q & A
Blu Room Therapy


Dr. Matthew Martinez


Blu Room Wellness Center

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We are here to support you where you are at any given moment. 
To inspire you to trust in your own body’s innate wisdom in healing. 
We are here to encourage you to be open to all possibilities.

When you believe…it becomes possible. 
What you imagine…will manifest in your life.

Thoughts are things. Thoughts and words have real power. 
Your body is listening to everything you think and say. 
From the faith of a mustard seed, comes the power to move mountains.

So be it!

I learn something new every visit! I appreciate the staff listening and then providing a solution. If there are recommendations, information is provided. Thank you, Thank you!

Excellent Day!!! 🙂

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