What is true for you in this moment? Do you feel isolated, lethargic or unmotivated? Do you believe it is your job to stay upbeat, passionate, driven while maintaining a smile on your face at all times? If so, I bet there is a part of you screaming “I’m exhausted!” You would be right. It is difficult to paddle against the stream and when you put on face to look a certain way when the truth is different, you are not aligning with the truth of your current energetic flow. 

    What if…the seasons are to remind us that we have internal weather patterns as well, currents of energy to support us? Some of my favorite gifts of Winter are the shorter days that coax me to spend more time homebound. Chilly temperatures and snow days that hold me hostage offer me time to reflect, journal and meditate. If I cross paths with a cough, a cold, or achy bones; I remember the wisdom they offer. I mindfully choose warm teas, healing elixirs and broths made with love as I choose to slow my role bringing everything in my life down a notch or two. 😉

   Winter is a beautiful time to tend to the great fire within. We are the ultimate alchemists. This is our time to burn away and detach from what we once were and to transform into a more true version of ourselves. Who are you? Who do you want to be? What do you want your life to look like? 

   Perhaps the next time you start to criticize yourself for feeling unmotivated, non-social, or gloomy; you remember Winter is here to nurture the internal you. Grab yourself a hot drink, curl up next to a fire or light some candles and gaze into the flames. Notice what your current truth is, how you really feel and allow yourself to be there. That is loving and honoring you. That is the real deal. That is joy being cultivated from the inside out. As the butterfly emerges from the chrysalis come Spring you shall too, and when you are true to yourself a smile will come quite naturally.

It’s time to book a massage for some well deserved self care during these winter months.