Extended 45 Minute Sessions PLUS a Specially Selected track ONLY available each Sunday!

We will be offering a special Blu Room session format exclusively on Sundays. Have you wanted to experience what it’s like to have more time in the Blu Room floating away into the unlimited potentials and releasing all resistance to current patterns. The Blu Room helps to shield you from all of the external stresses of the world, allowing you to move deeper within yourself. Each Sunday a certain track will be selected based on one of the Solfeggio Frequencies. The Solfeggio Frequencies are the main frequencies discussed with Sound Therapy and some of the following tones are the more commonly used and their corresponding use:

  • 174 Hz Reduce pain physically and energetically, sense of security, safety and love.
  • 285 Hz Influences energy fields, sending cellular message to restructure damaged organs. Rejuvenated and energized.
  • 396 Hz Turning grief into joy, liberating guilt and fear.
  • 417 Hz Cleanses past trauma, clears past events and facilitating change.
  • 432 Hz* Overall cellular repair.
  • 538 Hz Brings transformation and miracles into your life. DNA repair including increased life-energy, clarity of mind, awareness, creativity, states of deep peace and intuition.
  • 639 Hz Re-connecting and balancing relationships. Harmonious community and interpersonal relationships. Enhances communication, understanding, tolerance and love.
  • 741 Hz Solving problems and enhancing power of self-expression. Also shown to cleans cells of various toxins and electromagnetic radiations.
  • 852 Hz Awakening intuition and returning to highest-spiritual order.
  • 963 Hz Awakens any system to its original, perfect state.

The amount will be $20 additional to the standard session pricing (i.e. Regular $60 = $80, Wisdom $45 = $65, Veteran $30 = $50) Please call the center +1 636 432 1731 to schedule a special sunday session!