Sara Biermann

 (Lover, Healer, Facilitator)

I am a warrior of Love.I thread awareness, connection, and divine purpose to facilitate the whole embrace of self. I offer my personal embodiment in becoming and I apply my background in RSE, Blu Room, Bodywork, Food as medicine and Ayurveda.

When we expand to the awareness that all in our reality is a reflection, we can see the opportunity to become who we are by inviting every single part of ourselves to show up and be seen. Let’s dive in and learn about our unique alchemy of what it means to love ourselves into life.
We break open to become whole again.

Through the healing modalities of bodywork, movement, and energetics of food we can connect to our divinity. Our body/soul/spirit are always communicating with us and by using simple exercises we can purposefully tune in and receive information. When we learn to translate the messages being sent, we are empowered to participate in the dialogue. No longer a victim to circumstance, but a conscious creator of our own reality.

In observing the stories we habitually replay in our head, we get to ask “Is this true? Where did this originate?”. Through awareness we are then able to see how our perspective/attitudes shape our lives in every way. Once we identify the motive behind these repetitive programs we can acknowledge their divine purpose for gaining the wisdom. Every day we have the power to mindfully write a new script and by shifting our perspective, we change our life.