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What is the experience of the Blu Room® like?

The Blu Room® is a unique environment and therapy so the experience often varies from person to person because we are all individuals. It brings you into a different part of your brain and opens a door for a new mind perspective. Many people have described it as being deeply relaxing, lifting their mood, bringing about a state of slightly detached calm or peace and others have changes in their pain levels… Some people experience dynamic shifts in perspective and spiritual insights… Some people have reported profound personal healing…  Since the mind is the greatest healer and the mind is inextricably intertwined with DNA, the Blu Room® can augment a person’s natural healing abilities. Others simply enjoy a break in their daily routine to reset themselves. The experience is entirely up to you! 

The Blu Room® is designed to be a safe exposure to the atmosphere of the ultra-violet realm beyond the visible-light realm.  We do advise people about the cautions specifically related to UV-B exposure which are minimized by the structure and duration of the Blu Room® sessions. Everyone begins their sessions with 3 minutes of UV-B and gradually moved up to 9 minutes. UV-B is vital for our cells production of Vitamin D and maintaining optimal health. 

UV-B will not generate a tan of the skin and because exposure to UV-B time is limited as well as gradually increased the chances of receiving a burn are greatly decreased. Please notify us if you are on or begin taking any photosensitive drugs as this can change the skins normal response to UV light. 

How many sessions will I need?

We are happy to speak with you personally about your specific goals and suggest an optimal session frequency. Just as when making a diet, exercise or other lifestyle changes; as the repetition or frequency of sessions increases typically the amount of time needed to create shifts and changes also is quicker. For customers interested in optimizing personal goals or general well-being, a weekly session is recommended, some customers are finding increased value at coming 2-3/ times per week.

For those interested in seeing how the Blu Room® works with you it is optimal to commit to at least 9 sessions scheduled at a fairly regular interval (such as 1 x per week). As each session builds upon the last, We highly recommend scheduling your first three sessions within a 2 week period, as we see this gives most  users a nice reset for the mind, body and spirit! 

What do I wear in the Blu Room®? Do I need to undress?

The Blu Room® is not a tanning device. Most people wear their regular clothing, please wear whatever is comfortable for you. Those who are interested in optimizing their Vitamin D levels wearing shorts/tank top allow for more direct absorption of UV-B. 

Are there any age limitations for using the Blu Room®?

No – the Blu Room® accessible for anyone – including infants to children and the elderly.

Parents with children 12 and under may take the child in and have a session together. Call it cuddle time. The lower age limit depends on whether the child will tolerate the eye protection. Parents with children 13 to 17 may choose to allow their teenager to have Blu Room® sessions alone. We do limit sessions with children to only three minutes with the UV-B lamps on and the remaining time with the lamps off since children do not need much to make the conscious shift beyond polarized thought. Although some children may lack the mental discipline for deep focus, the physical benefits of the Blu Room®, particularly of reducing stress and boosting Vitamin D levels in the body, are useful for everyone.

There is also no upper age limit. The Blu Room® is easy to enter and exit, and the staff is happy to assist if you have mobility or balance issues.

Does the Blu Room® help with pain relief?

Relief from nagging discomforts is commonly reported by Blu Room® users, some experience relief immediately following a session others begin to notice substantial decreases within a few sessions. The Blu Room® provides deep relaxation and a lifting of mood. Mood is a residual attitude we carry with us between emotional storms. When mood is lifted, the storms can abate. In addition to a vitamin D boost, signaling a number of endorphins to be released, inducing a sense of euphoria as well as enhancing the immune system and it’s response to inflammation, a root cause of many individuals pain. With activated and balanced endorphin levels, you feel less pain and are less affected by stress.

Is the Blu Room® wheelchair accessible?

Yes. If you can lift yourself out of your chair and into your bed, you will likely be able to lift yourself onto the couch inside the Blu Room®. If you do not have enough upper body mobility or strength, our staff will gladly assist you the best we can.

Is the Blu Room® covered by insurance?

Not at present. The Blu Room® is not a medical device although it may engender healing experiences in some individuals. We expect that one day the Blu Room® will be recognized as a form of therapy and become covered by insurance like other “alternative” forms of health maintenance and health care, such as chiropractic and massage therapy, are now.

Currently we have been able to accept the majority of HSA accounts. 

Can my pet use the Blu Room®?

Yes!! We do have a few guidelines to accommodate your pets in the Wellness Center and keep everyone happy :

  • No dog beds, please only clean, freshly laundered thick blanket for dog to lie comfortably on. For smaller animals please bring then in a pet carrier.
  • Only one pet in Blu Room® with one owner. Exceptions made on case by case and to be discussed prior to arrival.
  • Ensure pet has recently been outside prior to coming to the Wellness Center facility, we do not have the appropriate space for this and the grass courtyard is not allowed. Sorry! 
  • Dogs must be friendly/socialized and be kept on leash at all times.
  • Owner must bring bandana or face mask protective eye covering for your animal while the UV-B lights are on.
  • All animal sessions will be at the end of the day. Please contact us directly +1 636 432 1731 to arrange booking a pet session. 


How much does a session cost?

Standard price for a single session is $60 

Individuals 60+ or Full Time Students $45 

Active Military/Veterans, First Responders, and Children (17 and under) $30 

Please ask what packages and other discounts are available as we run specials from time to time. 

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