Following a biopsy in October 2018, I was told I had an advanced case of breast cancer. I did some research of my own and found many things that could be useful for my healing. I met with an oncologist open minded to many different complementary and alternative therapies, as well as my nutritional choices and physical and spiritual activities; all of which helped me to accept, in a positive manner, this stage of my life with optimism and confidence.

One of the greatest gift I received in my lifetime was the 24 Blu Room sessions at Univers Bleu Drummondville. They elevated my body’s vibratory rate and contributed to the healing process. Every time I would go for a session before chemotherapy, the results of the different tests were always very surprising. I kept on doing Blu Room sessions which contributed by increasing my self-confidence and peace of mind. It was in that peaceful state that I continued with radiotherapy procedures, antibody treatments, etc. My oncologist noticed that the secondary effects of those treatments were very mild compared to those of patients using solely the regular procedure.

Some of the grand and powerful things I have acquired during my Blu Room sessions were that I was able to eliminate the fear of receiving negative results and to understand the cellular regeneration and energetic process of my entire being. I also understood that this adventure came about in order for me to conquer my limitations, I had to love myself and take the time to do so.

Finally, my heart is filled with gratitude for Univers Bleu Drummondville for allowing me to live this wonderful adventure which resulted in my body’s full recovery.

Consuelo De La Bastida

January 22, 2020


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