Updated Testimonial from Carol

Remember Carol with our first Blu Room Challenge? Diagnosed with Lukemia earlier in 2017 she made great progress with her energy and healing during the challenge. After finishing the challenge she went from receiving 3 sessions/week to only receiving 1 session, where she immediately realized how much the Blu Room sessions were helping her maintain her energy and overall well-being through her Chemotherapy treatments.

Once Carol received news of her upcoming Stem Cell transplant she opted to increase the number of sessions per week to almost daily. The progress and changes she noticed after the increase were steadily increasing as well. While her physical energy continued to increase, Carol also noticed her skin complexion was improving, night glare while driving had improved, basal eye cell had fallen off the second week into daily sessions, overall sleep throughout the night was “really good”, had a deeper sense of peace, gratitude and surrender emotionally and the nurses who administered the Chemo treatments commented on her overall healing and energy through the last part of treatments.

Carol’s Lukemia is now in remission and currently awaiting her final stem cell transplant to ensure her best health in the future. We have been so happy to see Carol’s improvements physically and emotionally throughout the last few months and ourselves feel an overwhelming gratitude for being able to provide Blu Room Light Therapy in Washington, Missouri.

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