A beautiful testimonial from our local Blu Room ?

Joleene U.

During my first Blu Room session I was rather skeptical about it. And I had just lost my dear pet companion of 20 years and was lost in deep grief and depression. I was amazed how much my mood shifted for the better after the first session. I was still sad and grieving and the searing knife edge of pain was healed. So now I think of my dear one in a joyous place over the Rainbow Bridge looking out for me from his peaceful “cat heaven.”

I have had four more BluRoom experiences since then and each time I feel such calm, peace and strength. I am now focusing on reversing my diabetic condition of 20 years and have a deep confidence that the BluRoom sessions are benefitting me. I’m looking forward to my sixth session next Tuesday. I encourage anyone who might be thinking of trying a session to expand your wellness using this healing modality?