Healing congestive heart failure, chronic depression

Diana is 72 years old. In February 2018, she developed severe shortness of breath and chest pain. She thought she was going to die from fluid filling up in her lungs. She went to the emergency room and was found to be in acute respiratory failure, acute congestive heart failure with a heart pump ejection fraction at 40-45 percent (normal is 55+). The left atrium of Diana’s heart was severely dilated and she had atrial fibrillation with a rapid heart rate in the 140’s.

After she was stabilized and treated, Diana was discharged on higher doses of medications but she continued to feel the irregular heart rate from her atrial fibrillation, the shortness of breath with exertion, and the severe fatigue that made it difficult to do anything.

Diana had struggled with depression for much of her life. Prior to this episode, she was quite low with her mood and outlook on life. She started the Mercy Blu Room program in March 2018. Slowly but steadily her energy improved.

Her mood got better and Diana was able to mend relationships in her life that caused her much pain before. She noticed that coming to the Blu Room lifted the cloud of depression and changed her outlook towards her life. She was able to do more things, and feel less short of breath and less fatigued.

Over time Diana has been able to lower her blood pressure medications. She does not feel her atrial fibrillation any more when before there was this annoying presence of feeling the highly irregular heartbeat. Diana had a repeat echocardiogram in September 2018 which showed that her ejection fraction had increased to normal function of 63 percent. She still has a dilated left atrium and atrial fibrillation, but her heart rate is under very good control with a quarter of the medication dose that she needed in March.

Diana feels that the Blu Room helped her reconnect spiritually. Old patterns of emotional problems seem to not have a hold of her life and this has improved her wellbeing throughout.  Her family has noticed marked improvement and she is able to enjoy her life with them.

Diana is not a woman of many words but she said of the Blu Room, “I have a greatly heightened gratitude for the Mercy Blu Room program and for Life itself.” Where before she was contemplating death due to her illness and depression, she now is looking forward to Life.

Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD

Supervising physician, Mercy Blu Room program



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