I began working with the Blu Room Wellness Center in June 2017. After a year of experiencing the wonders of the Blu Room I wanted to share with others. My first few sessions were nothing extraordinary, I felt very calm and relaxed after each session, it was not until my 6 session until I began noticing substantial changes in my mental and emotional well-being. Energy and self-work were not a new thing for me, around 5 years ago I had begun exploring various energy healing modalities including Reiki, yoga, meditation, and would pick up any knowledge I could about mind-body-spirit.

One of the very first and lasting impressions of the Blu Room was how quickly I could release anxiety, daily stress, and old patterns. What would often take me an hour or more in mediation to achieve I was there in a matter of minutes in the Blu Room. As months passed and I continued using the Blu Room, triggers and situations that would have caused extreme anxiety for me drifted away, I was no longer tense in crowds and situations before that I would have responded in anger or frustration to was replaced with peace and acceptance.

My entire life was changing at a remarkable pace! Within a matter of months, the Blu Room was able to help me break through numerous barriers that had still eluded me even after 5 years working with various self-help programs. I was able to let go… of the past and things that had been limiting the happiness in my life.

During my sessions the experience often varies, some days I easily pass into a peaceful space, I quickly began to refer to as ‘the void’, other times I would stay present the entire session as various thoughts would arise and I simply became the observer allowing and gaining new understanding of parts of my past.

Some of the other changes I noticed earlier on in my Blu Room use I was able to tap into more of my empathic abilities which has been a beautiful gift in helping others as well, I also began noticing more people’s energy/auric field without trying. This was very exciting for me as I had become an admirer of Donna Eden’s energy work in the last few years.

My Blu Room experiences didn’t just stop there on various occasions I had gone into the session with pain and emerged with none. One of the more recent examples I had been exposed to some mold and it had settled into my sinuses, my ears were hurting at a 10+ that day and I was on the brink of going to an Urgent Care, I decided first to give the Blu Room a go… as I walked out of the Blu Room I had ZERO pain in my ears! Although more superficial, one of my other lifelong physical issues has been dealing with cystic acne, especially when I deter from my normal diet, in a single Blu Room session the painful cysts lessen, if not go away completely, and it’s has sped up the healing time of any surface acne/wounds as well.

These things only scratch the surface of what the Blu Room has helped me with so far. I am eternally grateful!!

– Michelle