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Cutting-edge technology the Blu Room received its patent in 2018, an experience unlike any other. JZ Knight and Co-Founder Dr. Martinez brought to life this wonderful room that assists in creating a frequency the body can relax and the mind be shifted into new possibilities. 36 Blu Room’s currently exist worldwide, one of those we are blessed to have right here in Washington, Missouri, at the Blu Room Wellness Center we have people traveling from all over the MidWest and East Coast to experience the potential of the Blu Room.

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The Blu Room is a patented technology that creates an atmosphere to insulate users from the outside world. It provides the user with a mind/body/spirit consciousness-lifting environment that can augment one’s state of personal wellbeing and creative focus. Users have reported a wide range of benefits including deep relaxation, relief from mental stress and anxiety, relief from physical pain, faster healing processes, increased creativity, and greater self-awareness. Blu Room® is an international trademark and service mark of JZ Knight. Used with permission “” US Patent Number 9,919,162