I had a problem of seborrheic dermatitis which was torturing me for twenty years. It got worse last March. In addition to being ugly to see, I also had a lot of pain. My ear was burning a lot, inside my ear too, even just touching it hurt. I couldn’t sleep on my right side because my ear was hurting so much, My ear was very swollen and very hard.

I often had a liquid coming out of my ear like pus mixed with blood. I didn’t consult any physician because I didn’t want to take any antibiotics or other chemical medicament that I was certain they would prescribed. Eagerly I was waiting for the arrival of our Blu Room!

On July 3, I began with the Blu Room. I took 2 sessions close together after which I was very tired and weak. I slept a lot and I didn’t eat much. After a few days, the situation became absolutely better and the intense pain and burning sensation was almost gone. I’m still using the Blu Room 3 to 4 days per week.

Blu Room UVB healing.

Stages of healing.

-Diana in Switzerland

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