PTSD symptoms overcome in Blu Room!

I want to express all my gratitude to you.

The Univers Bleu culture:
Linda Deroy, owner of Univers Bleu has created a superb culture. The great generosity and remarkable involvement of Linda and her employees with each client greatly enriches the Blu Room experience. They take the time to welcome us, inform us about the potential of the Blu Room, answer our questions and coach us to maximize each session. This personalized approach contributes to the success of Univers Bleu.

Diagnosis: Severe PTSD, which involves a lot of anxiety, and invasive flashbacks.

Insomnia: Ever since I was very young, I suffer from insomnia. Since I started my Blu Room sessions, I now sleep at night. This greatly improves my quality of life.

Vitality: At the beginning of the treatments, I was extremely tired. Now, I have regained a lot of vitality.

Focus: My ability to focus has always been a challenge. Now, I can focus a lot better and longer.

Flashbacks: Flashbacks prevented me from functioning. I now have a lot less flashbacks. The other day, upon arriving at Univers Bleu, I was having powerful flashbacks. I entered the Blu Room, and when I came out 20 minutes later, I was peaceful. This is an undeniable result.

Serenity: I have always been in search of inner peace and serenity. Now, I can feel it in my body and in my mind. Never before, had I known this state of well-being.

Dream to realize: I had a specific dream that I wanted to achieve, but this dream awoke so many flashbacks, that I preferred to silence it rather than realize it.

It was a step-by-step process…
Step 1: I succeeded in eliminating some type of flashback, so I dared my dream again.
Step 2: A second type of flashback faded.
Step 3, The last week I managed to achieve this dream, without any trigger, and no flashback. It was a great VICTORY for me.

With all my heart big Thank you: With all my heart I want to thank the designers of the Blu Room, and especially Linda Deroy and her team. It is clear that the well-being of each client is important to them. The generosity and the implication towards each customer are remarkable. When you come at Univers Bleu, you feel the sincere desire to help you achieve a better life. My quality of life is changed. With all my heart, thank you very much.

Long live Univers Bleu.
Carole Aveline.