Q: What are you using the Blu Room for?
A: I came to the Blu Room initially because I was struggling with illnesses. I realized after going through treatments that the illnesses I was facing were the result of my own negative energy.

Q: What changes in your body and or mind have you noticed since receiving Blu Room treatments?
A: The Blu Room has helped me overcome some deep emotional and spiritual blocks that I wasn’t even aware I had. I now have peace in areas of my life where there used to be much anxiety and stress.

Q: Do you have any thoughts or comments about the Blu Room Wellness Center staff?
A: Everyone that I met at the Blu Room Wellness Center was a pleasure to be around. It was nice to be surrounded by like-minded individuals, full of positive energy.

Q: Are there any other comments you would like to share?
A: I drove 1,000 miles to get here, and I was not at all disappointed. I will definitely be coming back when I can stay longer!