New research shows that blue light helps us recover faster from stress.

Researchers at the University of Granada subjected participants to short-term (acute) social stresses similar to having to meet a deadline for work or having a holiday dinner with family. The results demonstrated that after acute stress blue light accelerates relaxation compared to normal white light.

After performing a stressful task, participants were sent to lie down in rooms with either blue or standard white light. For the test group, the relaxation time was approximately three times faster than for the control group.

Most benefits of blue light reported in the journal literature have been based on the subjective perception of participants. In contrast, this study focused on objective assessment of physiological measurements of the effect of blue light (test group) or white light (control group) during a relaxation period after acute stress was induced in the participant. Heart rate and brain activity were monitored throughout the whole session.

“We conclude that the blue lighting accelerates the relaxation process after stress in comparison with conventional white lighting.”

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