Dr Matt talks about peptides and how to incorporate it in overall health.?

Posted by Matthew Martinez on Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Healing the Body and Mind

A quick 10-minute talk with Dr. Martinez about overall health and well-BEing from nutrition, to peptides and the Blu Room Light Therapy for achieving an optimal balance in your health. There is so much information out there regarding how to get well yet sometimes it seems so overwhelming to actually figure it out for yourself. One of the most important elements of health is our mental state of mind when treating any physicalailment we must take into consideration where our mind is at as well. The Blu Room can be a personal health game changer helping people relax and release built-up stress and trauma that can be lingering in the body causing residual health effects.

A little bit about us here at the Blu Room Wellness Center…We feel blessed to have been able to open the first Blu Room here in the MidWest, only an hour from St. Louis, Missouri, and four hours from Kansas City, Missouri in a peaceful town called Washington, Missouri. Along with offering the unique Blu Room Light Therapy, you can take a yoga class from Melissa with Present Moment Yoga, she has 15 years experienceleading all level yogi’s, as well as two Massage Therapist with truly healing hands. Stationed directly across from a Chiropractors office, we are truly here to help you take care of and balance your mind, body, and soul!