Q: What are you using the Blu Room for?

Help with my German Shepherd. She was having trouble walking and bald spots from chewing on herself.

Q: What changes in your body and/or mine have you noticed since receiving Blu Room treatments?

She stopped chewing all the fur on the back of her legs have started to grow back in and she is walking significantly better. (She had a series of 6 sessions in a week’s time).

Q: Do you have any thoughts or comments about the Blu Room Wellness Center staff?

Staff is incredible – warm, compassionate, patient and helpful.

Q: Are there any other comments you would like to share?

Trust – Everything can be healed and rejuvenated. Anything is possible!

It was a great experience seeing Andrea’s German Shepherd be able to walk with greater ease, even after their very first session, she was able to stand up with more ease and support herself better by the end of the weeks sessions Andrea was not needing to help support her coming in and out. Our hearts are filled with so much happiness to see the extent of what the Blu Room can do for everyone!

If you’re interested in bring your pet in for a Blu Room session please contact us directly at the center to discuss as well as review our pet guidelines on our FAQ page.

Look forward to seeing you and your four legged family in the Blu!