Chronic Open Wound Healed in 2 Blu Room Sessions

Pat is 77 years old. In September 2017, she fell and ripped open the skin of her right lower leg, causing a 5 cm open laceration. Pat was treated with standard wound care by her healthcare practitioner. She then developed a nonhealing open wound that got infected, and she required oral antibiotic treatment twice. For months, the wound would not heal with bandages and topical treatment.

In March 2017, her wound was still open and had not changed much in appearance over the last 6 months. Pat started coming to the Mercy Blu Room program. She exposed the wound to UV light in the Blu Room. It took only two sessions for the wound to completely close. She still had surrounding erythema but that also quickly resolved.

The effectiveness of UV light therapy for chronic wound healing has long been established in clinical research studies. Prominent wound healing centers like the Advanced Wound Care Clinic at the University of Southern California utilize UV light for advanced wound healing with remarkable success. UV activates genes that influence cell division and immune responses. It also acts as a bactericidal agent and thereby promotes wound healing by diminishing the toxic effect of bacterial overgrowth on fibroblasts in the wound bed.

Pat now has a well-healed scar without any pain.

Ana Maria Mihalcea, M.D.

Supervising physician, Mercy Blu Room program


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