Below is a testiment from another Blu Room location overseas, where a gentleman had been diagnosed with erosive osteochondrosis (a self-limiting developmental derangement of normal bone growth). Between first diagnosis in 2013 to first Blu Room sessions in 2015 to completly healed in 2016…this is Falk’s story.

Falk- Blu Room Wellness Testimonial Image

Falk lives in Germany. He is in his 70s.

In 2013, Falk developed intense low back pain radiating into both legs. A bone scan and an MRT revealed osteochondrosis at his second lumbar vertebra. Below, Falk describes what has happened to him in the last six months:

December 2015 I received the message that a Blu Room in Bad Mergentheim will be established. I created my year 2016 in the CYY event and manifested for me to move to this beautiful spa town. In March 2016 I was 12 times in the Blu Room. The changes in my general condition struck me as impressive. At first, when moving in my new apartment the handling of partly heavy packing boxes caused me effort and backache. I felt me exhausted and drained. Already since the beginning of the Blu Room visits, I felt a significant improvement in the vitality and energy, the pain became less and less. And in the end I was pain free. My back pain in the lumbar region previously described now no longer existed. The setting up of the new apartment was easy. I felt full of vitality. Climbing the stairs to my apartment was normal again. In short, I felt like in a “fountain of youth.”

Now the results of recent medical tests. A CT scan of the chest and abdomen on 06/16/2016 showed that the erosive osteochondrosis is no longer detectable. Comparing the images from the 01/28/2013 and now 06/16/2016, it is no longer visible. An even more accurate PET/CT taken on 06/30/2016 confirmed these findings of the healing the erosive osteochondrosis!

Falk MRT

Everywhere I go in whichever ambulance and clinic whatsoever I am the messenger of the Blu Room. I talk with physicians. I present the flyer of the Blu Room and show my healing pictures.

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