Here is the amazing story of our mother’s eyes healing. Stella Del Nord Blu Room Lugano

Gabriella’s story…                                                 

On January 23, 2017 I had an eye exam and I was told I had a glaucoma in both eyes, along with too high eyes’ pressure:

A paper with a picture of a bullet hole in it. A close up of the eye area with a red dot


The doctor prescribed me some eye drops but I only used them for a couple of weeks because they made my eyes burn and weep. I usually have one Blu Room session a week. On March 25, 2018 I had a new eye exam:


A close up of the eye area with a red dot A picture of the eye chart with a black spot in it.


The glaucoma in the left eye had almost disappeared, the right eye glaucoma had clearly reduced, and the pressure in both eyes had normalized.” “”Mrs Gabriella Baron

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