TESTIMONIAL Inner Peace, Clarity and Pain Free

Q: What are you using the Blu Room for? A: Attunement with the source; achieving inner peace; reducing stress and anxiety; greater awareness of myself and the universe; more powerful and meaningful meditation. Ridding my body of toxins to live a happy and healthy...

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TESTIMONIAL Absolutely Fantastic!

John 02/05/2019 Q: What are you using the Blu Room for? A: I went in the Blu Room for a medical situation and spiritual growth. Q: What changes in your body and or mind have you noticed since receiving Blu Room treatments? A: I figured I would receive something...

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An Athlete’s Testimonial on Accessing “The Zone”

https://youtu.be/S8pv9V__LLg "My name is Will, I am 18 years old. I am the co-captain of the Mercer Island boy’s basketball team. I’ve been using the Blu Room for a year, about a year. I would say that after going in, I would become more mentally focused - I think...

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Blu Room Technology + Greenhouse = Blu Gro House

Blu Gro House is a new development in Blu Room technology, we are requesting help to bring this advancement to our area. Anyone interested in being an investor in any amount is welcome to contact us for more details, we will also be offering a VERY SPECIAL incentive...

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Clear my Mind and Focus….

I have been using the Blu Room since it opened in Washington, MO. I cannot say enough good things about it! Most often, I go into the Blu Room to clear my mind and focus, but I have also gone into the room to boost my immunity when feeling less than perfect. Even if I...

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TESTIMONIAL Stage 4 Breast Cancer Remission

Complete Remission of Stage 4 Breast Cancer with Blu Room and innovative alternative treatments Chantal is a 72-year-old woman who was originally diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2012. She took alternative measures including Blu Room treatments once or twice per...

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VIDEO Blu Room + Health by Dr. Martinez

Blu Room presentation by Dr. Matthew Martinez at Benessere Blu - Rapallo (Italy) 30 October 2018In this video, Dr. Matthew Martinez introduces us to the Blu Room. Explains how the Blue Room works by focusing on the basic principles and...

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TESTIMONIAL Peace and Wellbeing

A beautiful testimonial from our local Blu Room 💙 Joleene U. During my first Blu Room session I was rather skeptical about it. And I had just lost my dear pet companion of 20 years and was lost in deep grief and depression. I was amazed how much my mood shifted...

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We are here to support you where you are at any given moment.
To inspire you to trust in your own body's innate wisdom in healing.
We are here to encourage you to be open to all possibilities.

When you believe...it becomes possible.
What you imagine...will manifest in your life.

Thoughts are things. Thoughts and words have real power.
Your body is listening to everything you think and say.
From the faith of a mustard seed, comes the power to move mountains.

So be it!

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